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by Sarah Durham

Tick, tock! What's the optimal timing for a rebrand?

How long should rebranding take? When you’re changing any of the elements in your brand, it’s wiser to do it slowly. Nine times out of ten, involving the right people and feeling confident you’re making the right decisions trumps the benefits of rushing.

by Ashley Kincaid, Executive Director, Pi Lambda Theta

Asking around: The highs, lows, and how-to’s of using focus groups in your rebrand

Rebranding an organization can be a perplexing process, even when all parties agree that it is long overdue. It’s a bold move to consider changing your organization’s name or logo — your core identity — and you want to be sure you get it right. But how can you be confident that the decisions you are making will have the intended effect?

by Sarah Durham

What does "rebranding" really include?

Branding livestock with a rancher’s unique mark to distinguish them from other ranchers’ stock was common practice long ago. Perhaps that’s why up until quite recently, people thought of rebranding as just a logo change. Although few of us have ranching experience, the term ‘branding’ has taken root and been adopted by individuals and organizations alike.

by Farra Trompeter

Year-end fundraising campaigns as an experience of your brand

With the A/C on full blast and iced coffee in hand, it’s hard to think about the negative wind chill and cups of hot cocoa that await us come December. But as one of Big Duck’s resident fundraising fiends, year-end campaign season--AKA “a nonprofit’s most financially rewarding time of the year”--is always on my mind.

by Sarah Durham

Get on the same wavelength: Building buy-in for rebranding

“I know our organization needs to rebrand– but how do I build buy-in from others on our staff and board?” This is probably the question I get asked most frequently when I give a workshop or speak on a panel about nonprofit branding.  Getting everyone on the same page about a significant change in communications takes time and patience; that’s for sure.

by Sarah Durham

Does rebranding really work?

Nonprofits increasingly seem to be rebranding as a way to reach external audiences–particularly donors– more effectively. But changing your communications can be expensive, time-consuming, and scary. Will it be worth it?

by Farra Trompeter

Webinar follow-up: Is it time to rethink your website?

Nonprofits have had websites since the Internet first sprouted pages for organizations over 20 years ago. Does your site still feel and look like it’s a child of the '90s or has it kept up with the times—in both who your organization is now and current user experience trends?