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by Dan Gunderman

Looking for feedback on some design materials? Book consulting time with our creative team.

Many of you are probably preparing your year-end fundraising appeals. 'Tis the season, after all. Wondering if there's anything you can do to make it a little more eye-catching? Here at Big Duck, we're trying something a little new (for us). Members of our creative team are available for mini design consulting sessions -- to answer questions, give a little guidance, provide typeface or layout advice... whatever you'd like to ask them!

by Ally Dommu

What's the big idea? Exploring the value of a campaign concept

Campaigns surround us every day. There are campaigns to raise awareness about a product, to elect someone into office, to influence a new policy, to raise money, or to change perceptions about a certain issue or company. These days it’s nearly impossible to go anywhere without being bombarded with messages encouraging us to do something. Buy this! Try that! Vote for her! Donate here!

by Michaela Monahan

Should your nonprofit automate its communications?

Imagine...A major donor is spending an unusually high amount of time poking around your website, and you get an email letting you know you should call them. Or, on a regular basis, your most active action-alert participants who haven’t yet donated get an ask from you; those who do give are sent personalized thank-you messages, while those who don’t give are encouraged to engage in other ways until they are eventually ready to give—all without you lifting a finger.

by Dan Gunderman

YES to vision! Positivity! Maybe even independence!

On September 18, 2014, Scotland will be voting in a referendum to determine whether it will become an independent nation. As of a month ago, when I was in Scotland, the YES (pro-independence) campaign looked destined for certain loss. The polls had remained largely stagnant for months. 

by Sarah Durham

Six steps to ensure your rebranding sticks

Before your nonprofit rebrands, consider the timing and sequence that will help you do it right. How will the changes you make connect back to your vision and mission? How will you bring that new brand to life? In my webinar, “Surviving the rebrand (and living to tell the tale),”--which you can watch online any time here--I mapped out these six steps.

by Sarah Durham

Tick, tock! What's the optimal timing for a rebrand?

How long should rebranding take? When you’re changing any of the elements in your brand, it’s wiser to do it slowly. Nine times out of ten, involving the right people and feeling confident you’re making the right decisions trumps the benefits of rushing.

by Ashley Kincaid, Executive Director, Pi Lambda Theta

Asking around: The highs, lows, and how-to’s of using focus groups in your rebrand

Rebranding an organization can be a perplexing process, even when all parties agree that it is long overdue. It’s a bold move to consider changing your organization’s name or logo — your core identity — and you want to be sure you get it right. But how can you be confident that the decisions you are making will have the intended effect?

by Sarah Durham

What does "rebranding" really include?

Branding livestock with a rancher’s unique mark to distinguish them from other ranchers’ stock was common practice long ago. Perhaps that’s why up until quite recently, people thought of rebranding as just a logo change. Although few of us have ranching experience, the term ‘branding’ has taken root and been adopted by individuals and organizations alike.

by Farra Trompeter

Year-end fundraising campaigns as an experience of your brand

With the A/C on full blast and iced coffee in hand, it’s hard to think about the negative wind chill and cups of hot cocoa that await us come December. But as one of Big Duck’s resident fundraising fiends, year-end campaign season--AKA “a nonprofit’s most financially rewarding time of the year”--is always on my mind.