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by Sarah Durham

Get on the same wavelength: Building buy-in for rebranding

“I know our organization needs to rebrand– but how do I build buy-in from others on our staff and board?” This is probably the question I get asked most frequently when I give a workshop or speak on a panel about nonprofit branding.  Getting everyone on the same page about a significant change in communications takes time and patience; that’s for sure.

by Sarah Durham

Does rebranding really work?

Nonprofits increasingly seem to be rebranding as a way to reach external audiences–particularly donors– more effectively. But changing your communications can be expensive, time-consuming, and scary. Will it be worth it?

by Farra Trompeter

Webinar follow-up: Is it time to rethink your website?

Nonprofits have had websites since the Internet first sprouted pages for organizations over 20 years ago. Does your site still feel and look like it’s a child of the '90s or has it kept up with the times—in both who your organization is now and current user experience trends?

by James Porter

Salesforce, Oh the Possibilities: A medium dive

Alongside Big Duck's Vice President Farra Trompeter, James Porter and Jereme Bivins are co-organizers of 501 Tech NYC—the local meetup for members of the Nonprofit Technology Network. In April, the group dove into Salesforce and James shared some highlights with us. 

by Sarah Durham

Three real-world ways to involve your board in your nonprofit’s rebrand

When an organization is rebranding, the board’s involvement is critical, and, to be totally honest, very tricky. The board needs to feel confident that the organization’s new brand and communications materials are reflective of their point of view, which can be very different from staff’s. Staff members want to shape and direct the new brand because they have to live with it. They also know from experience what will and won’t work, in practical terms. 

by Ally Dommu

Is your special event on-brand?

Maybe it's the lineup of weddings on my calendar this summer, but I've been thinking a lot lately about what a wedding says about a couple. What's their style and personality? What are their interests? How do the choices about their special day reflect their values? Every detail communicates something, from the venue, to the vows, to the band.