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by Rachel Hope Allison

Campaign coaching: Clear eyes, full hearts, Vera can’t lose!

There are a lot of ways we can help nonprofits with their campaigns at Big Duck, but recently I’ve been loving the potential I see in our campaign coaching—and not *just* because it let’s me imagine myself in the role of Coach Taylor from Friday Night Lights. (Though ok, that’s part of it. Go Lions!) Working with the Vera Institute of Justice on their year-end fundraising this past December really hit home why that is.

by Sarah Durham

When branding means bupkis

I recently asked a number of our clients from the past 10 years or so to participate in a survey so we can assess the outcomes of Big Duck’s branding work. (We Ducks have a practice of regularly reconnecting with past clients to assess how effective our work was, as any serious practitioner should, and using that research to refine or confirm our approach.)

by Michaela Monahan

Spring training for your communications

March Madness is winding down, spring training season is officially wrapped, but it's still a good time to stretch those nonprofit communications muscles. Here are some highlights of the workshops we're giving in April and May—here at Big Duck, online, and beyond:

by Megan Lenz, Communications Manager, Families of Spinal Muscular Atrophy

How to streamline the feedback process during your nonprofit's rebrand

While working with Big Duck on a rebrand for Families of Spinal Muscular Atrophy, where she works as the Communications Manager, Megan Lenz had to figure out the most efficient and effective way to coordinate and integrate feedback from her colleagues. Having settled into a working system, Megan agreed to share some dos and don'ts for handling internal feedback during a rebrand. 

by Sarah Durham

Nonprofit Tech Conference (NTC) Buzz

Where can you try on Google Glass, talk about the impact agile developing is having on nonprofits, and participate in something called the Geek Games? Why, the Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC), of course! 

by Katherine Lindstedt

Putting Your Eggs in Lots of Baskets: Tips for diversifying your fundraising

What do all sustainable fundraising strategies have in common? Diversity. In other words, yes, that old adage about not putting too many eggs in one basket applies to the nonprofit sector. Like most long-term investments, diversifying your funding and prioritizing your individual donors is as important and worthwhile as it is difficult to implement, the sort of thing that's all too easily forgotten amidst the more urgent demands of your day-to-day work. Here's what you can do to make the process as successful and pain-free as possible.

by Farra Trompeter

Getting your donors to fall in love with you

Fundraising. It’s why so many nonprofits communicate and a necessary ingredient to support your mission. Some organizations are lucky to have donations pouring in, while others have to work quite hard it. Whether getting those new gifts comes easy or hard for you, most organizations struggle with keeping donors. The problem: donor retention.