Getting donors, advocates, and participants to connect with your work can be tricky, and it takes smart communications to get through to people. We work in three areas—brandraising, campaigns, and training—to help nonprofits communicate better, raise more money, increase visibility, and make a bigger difference.

Nonprofits need smart communications.

It’s a noisy world out there—and making sure that people are hearing you is harder than ever. Does your website do a good job of telling your story? Does your logo identify you easily and clearly in a crowded sector? Do your messages express what’s unique about your nonprofit? We can help you figure it all out, map a course for changing direction, and get you to your new communications destination with limited whiplash.

Since 1994, we’ve been helping nonprofits tackle some of their biggest challenges, so that they communicate better.

We help in three ways.


We develop a strong communications strategy for your nonprofit, with a compelling brand identity (including logos and taglines) and smart materials online, in print, and beyond. 


We develop campaigns that inspire people to take action, building off of your brand to raise money, attract new participants, or change how people think about an issue. 


Our training services help your staff members build the skills they need to make your communications a success.