Sarah Durham


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The original "Big Duck"

Why I started Big Duck:

I’m passionate about smart communications that succeed, and I’m inspired by organizations doing great work. Put them together and you’ve made my day. You've made my life, actually.

What I think is just ducky:

Fundraising, subversive crafting, Brooklyn, and people who are not afraid to fight for what they believe in

What really ruffles my feathers:

Homogeny, apathy, complaints

More about me:

Back in the dawn of time, I worked in the creative departments of several branding empires and learned the ropes. In 1994 I started Big Duck. Since then, I’ve spent my days helping the organizations I believe in advance their missions.

Ask me about:

Brandraising, parenting identical twins, Brooklyn, smart communications for nonprofits, and quilting

@bigducksarah on Twitter

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